mccPILOTLOG can autoload function and condition time.  This solution explains how to set-up the software for automatic time logging.

For basic information about "Function and Condition Time", continue with this solution :

The first video tutorial (below) explains how to set-up the software for automatic time logging.  The setup applies to new flight entries only !  

For records already in your database, you can mass-edit and fix the function or condition time by using the multiselect feature. This feature is explained further in detail in the second video tutorial (below).

Read more details in the User Guide.  Here is a direct link :  

  Video Tutorial  

The following Video Tutorials explains :

  1. The difference between Function and Condition Time
  2. How to automatically log Function and Condition time
  3. How to mass-edit flight records in the database to update Function and Condition time

  Video Tutorial  

This Video Tutorial demonstrates how to mass edit records :

  1. Mass edit Flight records
  2. Mass edit Aircraft and Pilots