mccPILOTLOG does not retrieve Task (PF / PM-PNF) data from AIMS.

  • PF :   Pilot Flying
  • PNF or PM :  Pilot Non-Flying or Pilot Monitoring

AIMS shows Task (PF / PNF-PM) data for the past two weeks only.  Task data is stored somewhere deep inside the AIMS web portal, making it cumbersome to reach. Accessing this page would tremendously slowdown the interface.  For that reason, mccPILOTLOG does not retrieve any Task data from AIMS.

You can either manually log PF-PM on your mobile phone and have your logs automatically merged with AIMS flight data  ("Data Flow Type C" - refer to the User Guide).

Or you can setup Task in the alternating mode PF-PM on the Settings - Flight Logging page and have every other flight record logged as PF.

Takeoff and Landing depend on Task PF-PM and will show for all flights logged as PF, except if you break the link between Task and TO/LDG on the Settings - Flight Logging page.