Version 3.6 

If this errors appears while printing documents, you need to select another default printer.

In order to print reports, mccPILOTLOG requires a Windows Printer Driver that is capable of multi-page printing, page orientation, page size and font selection.  Some printers do not have these properties, typically PDF Writer, OneNote, PostScript and Photo printers, such as Canon, Epson and Polaroid.  These printers return an error when mccPILOTLOG configures the printer for printing the document.

Install and / or select another DEFAULT printer on your Windows Control Panel, even if there is physically no printer connected to your desktop or laptop !

  • Open Windows Configuration - Devices & Printers
  • Click on "Add a new Printer"
  • Continue with the default values
  • Pick any classic printer from the list (e.g. Brother - even if you do not have that printer)
  • Set the printer as default printer

Additional background information is available from this website.