SPIC (Student Pilot-in-Command) can be logged by student pilots on an integrated CPL/IR course when undertaking an I/F flight with an instructor. The instructor may not take control of the aircraft, else the flight becomes Dual.

PICus (Pilot-in-Command Under Supervision) can be logged when a pilot, after successful completion of a flight test on the aircraft, is conducting command tasks while under supervision of a training captain or instructor.


Since mccPILOTLOG does not offer a separate field for SPIC, you can log SPIC in the PIC column and mention "SPIC" in the Instruction text field (no quotation marks required). If “SPIC” is mentioned in the Instruction text field, the software automatically prints “SPIC” in the Holder’s Operating Capacity column of your logbook (if there is such column) and on official forms.


SPIC is mentioned as Case H in the following LASORS "Guide to logbook annotation" document.  PICus is listed under Case B.