Don't worry, the totals are correct !

The difference you see is caused by roundings in your paper logbook ; decimals are less accurate than minutes.

To maintain the highest level of accuracy and to allow switching from one mode (time logging in H:MM) to another mode (time logging in decimals H.M), mccPILOTLOG stores all flight times as minutes in the database. When displaying or printing flight hours, the time is rounded to the nearest decimal.


          e.g.  You log a flight from 08:00 to 08:14, and another flight from 10:00 to 10:38The software stores these flights in the database as 14 minutes and 38 minutes, regardless of your preferential settings. Now, if the logbook is setup for decimal hours, the first flight is displayed as 0.2 hours and the second flight is shown as 0.6 hoursHowever, when it comes to totals at the bottom of the page, the software calculates 52 minutes, which is displayed as 0.9 hours...


One can argue whether the logbook should display 0.8 instead of 0.9 hours. Our policy is that the logbook should represent as much as possible your actual experience, and not an inaccurate sum of rounded values, which can lead to a significant error over time. Also, should you ever decide to switch-over from decimals H.M to hours-minutes H:MM your flight experience remains unchanged.


Some kind of workaround is to adjust the On-Block time.

e.g.   a flight from 08:00 until 08:41 shows 0.7 in the logbook but is actually considered a 41 minute flight. By modifying the On-Block time to 08:42 this flight is stored as 42 minutes.