The following error message shows when starting the application:

The EXE file is damaged or is missing. There are several reasons that may cause this kind of damage:

  • incomplete download of the update file
  • file has been corrupted after downloading
  • internet connection issues

To fix this, kindly follow on the steps below:


  • download the file from this link:
     Windows 7-8-10


  • unzip and drop the file to this directory:

     Windows 7-8-10 
    • you can copy paste the link directly to your file explorer
     go to your mac application list, look for mccPILOTLOG
    • right-mouse click (or [PC keyboard] Control + left-click or [Mac Keyboard] Apple Cmd + click)
    • choose “show package contents”
    • go to “Contents/Resource”

  • relaunch the software