CrewLounge AERO is proud to interface with more than 90 different Crew Management Systems and more than 300 airline companies!  We import flights from the airline crew web portal, PDF rosters, EFB applications, Journey logs, ACARS logs, and several other systems!

Here is a list with all airlines that we support today :


  • you find the list on the Settings - Airline Interface page of the desktop software 
  • and, on our website : PILOTLOG - Airlines 


  • you find the list on the Settings - Airline page of the mobile app 
  • and, on the website : CONNECT - Airlines 

If your company is not listed, contact CrewLounge SUPPORT to have it added.  It's our pleasure to add your company too !  This includes EFB, Journey Log, ACARS logs, etc.  We support airlines, regional carriers, flight academies, military flying and general aviation.



How does this work ?

Depending on the system used by your company, the interface works online (direct login), offline (file import) or both :

 Online Interface 

  • PILOTLOG connects straight to your crew web portal
  • The interface does an automatic login and then downloads all flight data

 File Interface 

  • You must manually download your roster from the company crew portal
  • Feed the files to PILOTLOG or CONNECT for import

For some airlines, we offer a combination of both.  Use the online interface to download your planned roster, and use the file interface to import historical data.

How to use the Airline Interface ?  |  PILOTLOG

Go to the Settings - Airline Interface page in CrewLounge PILOTLOG :

  • select your airline
  • select your preferences for import

Next, on the Airline page :

 Online Interface 

  • Insert your login credentials and select the date range
  • hit the Start button

 File Interface 

  • Press the Browse button to locate the folder where you have stored your roster file(s)
  • Press Start to import the file

Particularities for your airline, or for the type of interface that you use, are listed here :    Airlines & Interfaces

Note :

Flights downloaded through the CONNECT app will also appear in PILOTLOG, and opposite.

  Video Tutorial  

The following Video Tutorial shows :

  1. Different Crew Web Portals
  2. How to import your Roster
  3. How to use the Airline Interface in combination with your mobile phone

(new video coming soon)