Should you be new to mccROSTER / crewCONNECT, we recommend to continue with the following solution :

Go to the Settings - User Account page and verify the app status at the top of the page.

If you get "Test Account" :

  • The app runs in DEMO mode with the built-in test account.  You can download your roster, up to a maximum of 20 events... 

  • Existing Users :
    • Re-insert your account credentials in the EXISTING USER tab and press CONNECT TO MY ACCOUNT > 
    • Make sure to use the correct email address, which may be different from e-mail address used in the App Store
    • Should you not remember your account password, then press the CHANGE / FORGOT > button

  • You can also create / verify your account straight on the website .  When done, continue with EXISTING USER as explained above.

If you see "Registered User" :

  • Your account is registered on crewCONNECT, however without a valid subscription
  • If you had purchased a subscription before, press the CONNECT TO MY ACCOUNT > button.  The app will then restore your user license.
  • If you are a new user, or your subscription has expired, press the BUY NOW button in the EXISTING USER tab

If you read "Valid Subscription" :

  • Everything is fine, you can use the app to its full extend.
  • Access to some pages is locked for "Non-Verified User", until the app has verified that you are indeed working for the airline company that you have selected from the Settings - Airline page
  • The "Non-Verified User" note at the top of the User Account page automatically turns into "Verified User" as soon as you have successfully logged-in to your company crew web portal with a valid login / password.  A successful login to your airline crew web portal guarantees that you are working for that company.

Need further assistance ?

  • Should you not be able to get the app out of DEMO mode, contact the Helpdesk straight from inside the app (Main Menu - Helpdesk) and we will be happy to assist your further.  We recommend to attach a copy of your App Store payment receipt.

  Video Tutorial 

The following (synthetic) Video Tutorial explains how to register a new account :