mccPILOTLOG offers two techniques to register endorsements :

  • Endorsements Sheet
  • Signature Capture

These functions are not available in the free STD Edition.

Endorsements Sheet     PRO / ENT users  

Print a blank Endorsements Sheet from the Logbook - Print Logbook page of the PC/Mac desktop software. Paste this sheet somewhere at the end of your paper logbook.

Have the instructor sign-off the sheet. All signatures have a unique reference number.

Record the number in the Sign Box while you log the training flight or simulator check. When you print the logbook some time later, the number appears in the Remarks column - view sample .

Signature Capture    ENT users

Collect the instructor's signature on your mobile Phone / Tablet. Signatures are automatically watermarked with today's date to avoid any abuse - view sample.

Endorsement images are then synched with the main desktop software for logbook printing.

Endorsement images have automatic backup to mccCLOUD.