Thank you for choosing crewCONNECT, we are happy to welcome you on board !

Download the app from your favorite App Store and run a free trial.  There is no need to register any account, you can run the free trial without signing-up !

Continue as follows :

  • on the Settings - Airline page, select your airline and insert your login credentials
  • on the Settings - Export to OS Calendar page, select your preferences for export to your phone's calendar
  • on the Download Sync page, download your roster

The free demo is limited to 20 events.  If you want to retake the trial, then delete the app and import another 20 events.  Yes... you can delete and re-install the app for the next 20 years without paying anything, but we trust you are willing to pay a cappuccino for the two of you, in order to unlock and enjoy all features of this awesome app !

Should you decide to purchasing the app, then continue as follows :

  • on the Settings - User Account page, fill out the boxes in the NEW USER tab, and press the REGISTER NEW ACCOUNT > button
  • or, you can register straight on our website and then continue with the Settings - User AccountEXISTING USER tab in the app
  • in the EXISTING USER tab, you can now purchase the 12-months subscription by pressing the BUY NOW button. The price for your country is listed by the App Store prior to confirmation.

Walk through all Settings pages and make sure the app is configured to your preferences.

Continue here for more solutions in mccSUPPORT :