Automatic logging

To automatically log Instructor time on a simulator session, select 'Instructor' for the Autoload property on the Tables - Aircraft page.  

Continue with the following solution for more details :

Logbook printing

Simulator records can either be printed on a separate SIM Record Sheet or in the Logbook, together with the flight records.

The SIM Record Sheet is available from the Logbook - Print Logbook page.

To print simulator records together with flights, select the appropriate Simulator option on the Logbook - Logbook Format page :

Depending on the selected option, simulator total time will, or will not, be added to your Grand Total Time in the logbook.

Take a look at the introduction / legends of your paper logbook.  You will probably see that, as per ICAO / FAA / EASA requirements, Function and Condition time columns should not be populated for simulator sessions.  Hence, your Function time as Instructor is not added up with instructor time on real flights.

If you want to know your total time as instructor on aircraft + simulator, you find the numbers in Report T001 on the Reports page.  Press the "both" radio button on the Total Time page.