crewCONNECT merges two popular roster apps, Airline Roster (by Ron Wondaal) and mccROSTER (by MCC), bringing together ten thousands of pilots and cabin crew !

Airline Roster users

  • Download the new app crewCONNECT from iTunes
    • Open the main menu in the right upper corner and select Profile & Settings
    • Continue with User Account
    • Register a new account in the NEW USER tab  (you can take the same or any new email address, as what you had been using in Airline Roster)

  • Download the latest update for Airline Roster - Version 2.3 (now available in iTunes)
    • Open the menu and select crewCONNECT export
    • Continue with Export data to crewCONNECT   (this label will only show when the crewCONNECT app is actually installed on the same iOS device)

  • Your subscription license for Airline Roster remains valid and is now carried-over to the new app.

mccROSTER users

  • Your account for mccROSTER is automatically transferred to crewCONNECT. Use the same user account email address and password
  • Your subscription remains valid for the new app and is automatically carried-over

ALL users

  1. On the Settings - User Account - EXISTING USER page, verify your account  (*)
  2. On the Settings - Airline page, select your airline and insert your login credentials for the crew web portal
  3. Review the other Settings pages (Calendar, My Profile, Privacy, etc) and configure the application to your preferences
  4. On the Sync Download page press the Download ALL (or Download 7 days) button to download your roster

(*) The app should say "Valid Subscription" at the top of the Settings - User Account page. It will show "Verified User" as soon as you have successfully converted your first roster. Read more about that in the User Guide 

If you do not remember your account password, you can request a new password from inside the app or straight from the website

If you had previously purchased any license and the app still shows DEMO, the continue with this solution from mccSUPPORT :

To import your first roster with the new app, take a look at this solution from mccSUPPORT :