Your account with crewCONNECT can show in 3 modes :

  • Test Account :  you are running the app with the built-in test account, anonymously, without any account registration. 

  • Registered User :  you have signed-up for an account with crewCONNECT, but you did not yet purchase any subscription, or the subscription has expired. 

  • Valid Subscription :  you are registered and your license is valid


At this point, your account can be Verified or Non-Verified, as shown at the top of the Settings - User Account page.

Access to some pages in the app is blocked for "Non-Verified User".  These pages contain company sensitive content.

The app shall first verify that you are actually working for the airline company which you have selected from the Settings - Airline page.

The "Non-Verified User" status automatically turns into "Verified User" as soon as you have successfully logged-in to your company crew web portal with a valid login / password, and you have downloaded your first roster.  A successful login to the company portal guarantees that you are actually working for that company. 

This process is completely automated, the Helpdesk cannot modify your status, in order to avoid any abuse.  Some crew members reported that the status would not automatically turn into "Verified User" after retrieving the first roster.  You may have to give it a second chance.  Or, delete the app and re-install.