crewCONNECT can display a widget for the following events :

  • Flights
  • Simulator
  • Ground Duties

The widget shows 18 hours prior start of event.

Enable the crewCONNECT widget as shown below.


  1. go to the Home Screen where you want to view the widget 
  2. tap and hold on the empty area
  3. at the bottom, select widgets
  4. scroll through the list to find crewCONNECT
  5. drag and drop the crewCONNECT widget to your Home Screen  

The widget will not show if there is no duty in the next 18 hours.


The widget requires 5 by 2 spaces on the display.  You can drag and resize the widget, however that may conceal important information !



(expected soon)